Welcome to the SIKIDS SILL web page, home for your 2013 STATEN ISLAND LITTLE LEAGUE Action Photos.
By clicking any SILL PLAYER on this page, you will be forwarded to a SmugMug database where you can download any SILL photo(s) you would like. These are complete files ready for printing on your computer or at your local photo lab.

Here are the instructions:
Click on the date/game of your choice
Select any thumbnail...

To download:
On PC computers: Look through the collection of thumbnail photos on the left side of the screen. When you find one you would like to download, click it to bring a larger version on the right side of the screen, then, simply move your cursor over the big photo on the right and select "save photo" when the pop-up menu appears. This will allow you to download the full-sized image to your desktop. YOU NOW OWN THE IMAGE FILE. Print directly from your computer or save to a disk or flash card and bring it to your local lab.

On Mac computers: After clicking the thumbnail of your choice, simply use the "save photo " link to download the image to your computer.

If you have any problems,
please feel free to send an email
with your questions.













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